Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday, caturday..

Hey guys, its caturday!

That in mind ill crack open a beer (not bear) and play some TF2 before browsing some of my favourite sites. (Pr0n)

Lets burn some haters!

Also im downloading this movie "Watership Down" at the moment. Seems really creepy. Thank god i didnt see it when i was a child! :D
Heres a link to a fanmade video:

So tell me guys. What are you planning to do on yer caturday?


  1. we have favorite sites in common!

  2. Same here man!
    Bit bored tho, because i wanted to chill tonight (no bar-runs, getting drunk as hell etc.)
    It's hard to stay sober in Finland!

  3. Could use the time on something smart and make the blog's layout nicer :)

  4. wtf is that movie supposed to be children's movie?:DD

  5. its already sunday here, so I shall think of you for next Caturday

  6. Watership down is a great film, and a great book too, quite disturbing too though! following!

  7. partydude, exactly what i was thinking! :D
    rbtb, i shall think of you aswell. :)
    Bipolar bear: ill watch the film tomorrow morning, i hope its as awesome as that video shows! :D Thanks for the follow! ill check your blog out aswell :)